Taco Salad

1  pound lean ground beef, ground chuck, etc.
1  tbsp finely diced onions
1  26 ounce bottle Ragú Chunky Garden Combination Sauce
    (any tomato sauce will do, I like this one because of the
    chunks of vegetables in it and it doesn't have the acidic taste
    of some commercial sauces)
1  package taco seasoning
1  bag shredded lettuce for tacos (available in stores or shred your own)
1  12-16 ounce bag of your favorite tortilla chips
    (I used round, bite sized corn tortilla chips from Save-A-Lot)
1  cup sliced, black olives, drained
1  cup Redpack Petite Diced Tomatoes, drained
2  cups shredded cheese
    (I used a two cheeze pizza blend, use your favorite)
1  cup sour cream
Hot sauce to taste. I always get extra packs of Taco Bell Hot Sauce
when I eat there.

Brown meat and onions, drain off excess grease and water.
Add Ragu sauce and taco seasoning, mix well and simmer for an hour.
Lay a bed of lettuce on a plate followed by tortilla chips.
Put meat mixture over the tortilla chips with the meat mixture.
Sprinkle black olives and diced tomatoes over the meat mixture.
Sprinkle shredded cheese over all.
Sprinkle with hot sauce.
Put a scoop of sour cream on top.

Makes 4 to 6 servings.

Other sautéed vegetables you like, such as bell peppers, corn or black beans can be added to the meat mixture.